Life Must Go On

By: Nurul Darmayanti – mantan siswa pariwisata smkn1samarinda, wanita karir dan ibu rumah tangga

This story is tells us about: A young girl, she is 16 years old now. She is a lonely girl, even she has many friends, all her friends love her. But this girl just likes another girl, she wants to have a true love too. She is very kind, sweet, energic and sometimes she likes angry …!. But that just at school, at home, she can’t do anything, she doesn,t have friends at home, so …, she just stays alone in her badroom. OK…!. The name of this girl is Yasmine, we can call her Yessi. Two years ago, she ever loved someone, but that boy was died, because he had drunk of ‘marijuana’. Actually Agung (the name of that boy) loved Yessi too, but Yessi didn’t know about that. Yessi cried alone in the dark, she always remember the time when Agung is singing, laughing, and bothering other people. Agung can make Yessi feel happy, sad, worry and etc. You know that I love you Gung?, but you always make me upset with your smile, talk, and everything yours done to me, but you always make me think of you, me too, but now…?. Who will make me feels like that again, Gung!!. I always miss you and remember you gung!. Because I love yuu. And then Yessi takes a letter, that letter is from Agung, Agung’s friends gave that letter a day before Agung’s death. The contents of thet letter is :

Hi Yessi, I hope you still like me. I know you hope me to stop using that drugs!. I tried Yessi, when I wrote this letter I ful so cold, because I’m still in try!. I want to change my life for you. You know Yess, when I write this letter I feel so cold, because I’m still in try!. I want to change my life for you. You know Yess? Maybe as long as this time you think I just play your heart,

If I never want to talk with you because I don’t want you to be like me and my area!. You are my motivation to change my life. I love you Yess, and I hope you’ll get a better boy than me.
                                                                                                                                         Agung Sri Kapoor Barush

Yessi just crying, and then she says: “You are the first and the last to me Gung, noone can change your position in my heart”.

Two years later, situation in vocational high school. Yessi never changes, she still sweet, energic, and she still loves Agung. At school, many boys want to be her boyfriend, but she doesn’t want to have special relationship with another boys except Agung. There is a boy who always care of her as if he falls in love her, the name of that boy is Indra. He is a nice guy and his love to Yessi is honest.
In the Canteen. Yessi and her friends sit and drink some ice tea, because the canteen is very-very full (except beside Yessi’s chair) and Indra said : “may I sit here, girl?”.
Yessi : “yes, please sit down!”.
Indra : “thank you”. And then he asked : “are you Yasmine, who’s smart in English?”
Yessi : “No, I’m not very smart, just usuall, and call me just Yessi, please!”


Day after day, time pass away …., Indra and Yessi are closer, but Yessi thinks this relationship only a friendship, not more, even she knows that she falls in love, to Indra, but she doesn’t hope much with Indra, because she believes thar her love just for Agung.
One day Indra says to Yessi that he wants to talk something with Yessi, just both.
Indra : Yessi, what do you think about love?
Yessi : I think love is like heart, because my heart is just one, I’ll give it just for one pearson
Indra : Even that people was die?
Yessi : (very surprise) what …, what do you mean?
Indra : Guess you know what I means Yess, I know everything about you, Yess. you can’t loves someone if that person was die Yess! You can’t do that, you still alive and your life still go on, your life is not permanent. Think about it, Yess!

just want you to open your heart to another boys, because the man who’s standing in front of you now is loving you!!. Yo know that? I love you!!
Yessi : (Shock) …, no, you lie to me.., you don’t love me, you just feel pity to me …
Indra : Give me the reason …, why I must feel pity to you, I know you are a strong girl, and I’m sure you don’t need any pity. You should know, this love is pure, real and so deep.
Yessi : But …
Indra : Sssst.., now I ask you, do you want to be my girlfriend?. I know it’s hard for you, but please give me a chance to show you how deep I love you

And then Yessy smiles, she comes to Indra and they hug each other very tight. They are ready to pass everything in front of them with smile and love (*).

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